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Getting Around Ibiza

Since Ibiza is an island, there are only two ways to get to this amazing city. You can get to Ibiza by plane or by ferry. Many people choose to fly because it is the quickest way to get to Ibiza.

Ibiza’s airport, as most European airports, offers many kinds of services such as restaurants and travel agencies.

There are many flights that arrive each day to Ibiza; these flights come from important Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Palma, and also from other European regions such as the UK.

An important thing to keep in mind is that prices can vary depending on the season. For example, the fares are more expensive during the summer because people want to visit the beaches of Ibiza.

If you want an unusual experience, you may want to consider traveling in a ferry.”Transmediterranea” is a company that runs this service from Barcelona to Ibiza.

It is not the only ferry service; there are many other companies that provide the same service from other cities such asValencia, Palma and Mallorca; it is advisable to check it with a local travel agency. Ferry tickets also vary according to the season and the point of departure.

For instance, a ticket from Valencia to Ibiza costs€65, while a ticket from Valencia to Palma is €115. An important advantage to travel by ferry is the fact that you can bring your own car.

Getting from the airport to the town of Ibiza is very simple because there are many taxis and buses.

Buses are, of course, the most economical way to know the city. You can also rent a car; it may be expensive but it is still a good way to know Ibiza.

The city of Ibiza, located in the south of the island, is one of the most popular Spanish destinations. Ibiza is surrounded by impressive fortifications that offer a friendly atmosphere where you can spend your holidays.

6792_Palacio Bardaji © by fotoeichhorn.de (2)

Although this city was founded by the Carthaginians 2,500 years ago, Ibiza is a mixture of many different cultures such as: the Phoenician, the Arab and the Roman cultures.

These cultures altogether bequeathed an extremely amazing culture that we can still see until today.

You can find many tourist attractions such as Sa Penya, La Catedral (The Cathedral), La Iglesia de Santo Domingo (The Santo Domingo Church), The Museo Monográfico del Puig de Molins and Museo Arqueológico de Ibiza (Ibiza Archaeological Museum).

You can visit all of these places to know a little more about Ibiza.

Ibiza is not only limited to museums and monuments; you can have a good time in its beaches; these beaches are considered as some of the most beautiful beaches that can be found in all of Spain.

Ibiza’s restaurants offer some of the most delicious Spanish dishes.

In conclusion, Ibiza is a paradisiacal destiny where you can find all kinds of services and lots of fun around the entire city. People in Ibiza are very friendly; you will realize that Ibiza is, in fact, the perfect place to visit.


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Three Months In South – East Asia

How far can you go in South East Asia, if you had 3 months?




Nice and comfortable start point

I often get asked for the “Ultimate” South-East Asian itinerary. Where to go if time is not limited? as well as “how far could you keep going, on the same trip”.

Well, I think, the “ultimate” single journey through South East Asia, would be as follows;

Start in Singapore; Bus to Mersing via Johor Bahru; Ferry to Tioman Island, Bus back to Malacca, then KL, Bukit Fraser, Cameron highlands and onto Penang.


Ferries, ferries then ferries

Ferry to Langkawi, onward to Ko Lipe, Ko Ngai, Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi and then finally give boats a rest for a while at Phuket.

Minibus to Krabi, though to Khao Lak, Ferry detour out to the Similan Islands, back to Khao Lak, onto Khao Sok and the Surat Thani.

Ferry to Ko Samui, Ko Phangan and Ko Tao, then ferry on to Chumporn.

Train to Hua Hin, and then Bangkok and Ayuthaya.


See some sites

Minibus to Pattaya, and Ko Samet, then onward to Ko Chang.

Minibus from there to Cambodia to Siam Reap then Phenom Penh and Sihanoukville.

Ferry to Phu Quoc in Vietnam, boat transfer via Mekong Delta to Ho Chi Mihn City.


See some beaches!

Finally, head up the Vietnamese coast, via Mu Nie, Nga Trang, Hoi An and Hue

Train to Hanoi, and then bus and junk to Halong Bay and Catba Island.

Complete this sucker, and you will never want to visit another island again, for as long as you live! Any feedback on oversights would be appreciated!!


…and finish in Halong Bay

The above article is a reprint from a blog I no longer keep online, that was attached to www.asianitineraries.com. This blog became unsastainable, and I recently decided to take it down.

I will reprint a dozen or so articles that really didnt see the light of day, and I think are relivant to this blog.

I may change them from thier initial format, add pictures and update relivant information.

I love Vietnamese food, as a rule. However, their is some stuff even I wouldn’t go for! See if there is anything on this menu, from very small and unclean looking restaurant in Chau Doc, in the Mekong Delta, close to the Cambodian border.


Sea Star Resort

A hotel in Thailand (Ko Lanta) and Nepal (Pokhara) that we had found to be great finds for under $40 per night. (Link back to Part 1).

I have selected hotels that are under the $40 per night level, as this is the expense level I try to keep to, when long term traveling. This amount is about where I feel I need be, to get some comfort and character, but also be sustainable for long term travel.


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Spanish Drama: Real Life Theatre Casts a Shadow over Malaga


Numerous expats we spoke to gave up this restaurant as the secret they wanted to keep and the place they chose to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays etc.

It’s a family-run Italian, furnished by mother and daughter Prasuna and Mouji in cutesy, painted rustic furniture with cut-out hearts on the back of the wooden chairs and dove- (or Malaga) shaped place mats.

Propose over the crème brûlée and take the “mmmm” as a yes. Please book to avoid disappointment.

Cardamom Club

If you’ve endured one salad too many and want some “proper” food that still boasts fresh ingredients then this high-end Indian restaurant run by husband and- wife team Navine and Craig is where curry gets luxe. A glass or two of red wine will set you right up for a splendid night


The magical al-fresco venue has just hosted a glam Bollywood event and Cuba Gooding Jr begged for the secret ingredients of their famous signature chicken dish, chicken maken palak. “Show me da masala!”

+34 971 330 017


Club en La Posada, Marquess de Vinci, La Cala Golf



If you miss the happy hippy days when Spains accommodation was a cave or a teepee, this stylish and happening hotel may change your mind.

Watch one of the regular fashion shows with local designers, enjoy a free yoga class or rent the private speedboat which holds nine and, for half a day, costs less per person for a once-in-a-lifetime experience than a haircut. Unfortunately, it won’t leave you with a great “do”. +34 971 338 838

www.atzaro.com Carretera San Jose, Marbella

Cas Gasi

This could be your only chance to share a bed with Richard Gere. OK… the spirit of Richard Gere. The Zen One was smart enough to know that this beautiful collection of villas around a main house dating back to 1880 offers unparalleled privacy.

Whether he took home a bottle of their homemade olive oil is not known but it’s fitting that Gere should enjoy the benefits of agroturismo accommodation where the business is sustained off the land and the scent of orange blossom puts you to sleep at night.

+34 971 197 700

www.casgasi.com Camino Vateu, Puerto Banus


East of Malaga towards Rincoln Victoria there’s a secret stretch of sand where the nudies let their dingles dangle down one end of the beach and the in-the-knows hang out at Cima del Mar restaurant at the other with the charismatic dude of an owner, Justin Mallett, and the surfers at play for entertainment.

Rocas Blancas

Try the meaty tuna steak, dorado or mero caught fresh each morning and the homemade ice cream, made with local organic fruits. +34 971 335 023

Benirras Being voted Europe’s fourth best beach by a national newspaper a few years back is a bit of a deflated balloon of a compliment. Oh, this beach is so much more. Netted and still as a pond, it’s an ocean swimmer’s dream for a sunrise front crawl.

It’s also a musician’s dream for a sundown jam. The pine-covered hills make for an epic approach. Don’t forget your bongos.


To keep up to date with what’s going on each day to make you feel good see the well being calendar on malagatravelguide.net

To get someone to nominate themselves the drunken nominated driver head on over to the price comparison minibus post to save you the hassle and some pennies they dont ever have car problems.

Theres also much more “on it” to do all the work for you, www.iconmalaga.com can put together tailor-made packages to VIP you from beach club to sundowner cocktail, and hook you up with some Hummers with Icon Cars.

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