Bluehost Deals and Discounts

by bill on December 20, 2013

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If you’re in the market for hosting and considering Bluehost as your provider maybe a discount code or coupon would sway you further. When I was looking for hosting for my blog cost was a really large factor. To get around this problem I researched every possible hosting solution along with promotions available.

After a long search I narrowed it down to Bluehost and when I found a deal for them it was a game changer. If you need reliable hosting, especially for WordPress, this is definitely one of the best options out there. There are so many hosting companies to chose from, it’s really insane. But if you look at the track record and history of the company, they have had very little down time. There has been a few occasions over the years but this is expected with any hosting company.

Depending on your needs, they even offer more advanced setups. Personally the blog I run is just on a cheap plan for $3.95 per month. Correction, with my $2.95 coupon code the cost is a dollar lower. You might think, only a dollar? That isn’t that much. Well, it will buy you a cheeseburger every day. And that will fuel you to build more awesome websites, maybe even snag additional hosting plans. Then save money for more burgers, this is really an awesome thing.

Think I’m lying about all this? Ha, if you popped my site into the load tester it would blow your mind, this thing whips like a cheetah. So Bluehost is awesome, we all know that, but are they a green hosting solution. Who knows and who cares, this is hosting, not dolphin saving. So yeah thats my opinion on green hosting and dolphins, they kind of creep me out actually, dolphins, although they are blue and I really do like Bluehost.

It is possible to save even more money on Bluehost if you purchase multiple packages. If you are a webmaster or a web developer they can offer package deals which will help you save even more cash. Hosting can really break the bank so don’t let it and always be sure to use discounts.

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Escort Passport 9500ix Radar

by admin on September 17, 2013

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Modern day driving has its pros and cons. There is a decent review here so go and check it out.

Having a nice new motor car can be the ultimate goal of some people. A nice sports car, convertible perhaps or a family saloon to get the kids to school. Lets face it if you own a vehicle then you are one of the lucky ones regardless of the brand of automobile there are plenty of people that would step in your shoes.

Some of the obvious money traps can be repair costs, car insurance, parking fines and even tow aways for parking in the wrong place. But by biggest bug bear is speeding fines.

Speeding Fines

Now don’t get me wrong I am not defending reckless driving nor speeding motorists. I’m writing from my perspective as a family guy who occasionally likes a good drive down an open road on a weekend. It was only the other week where I nearly cost myself a heap of problems. Nearly I hear you say…..

Well yes, I was literally seconds away from a speeding fine and points not  to mention the hassle and stress that these silent crimes serve up. I was driving down the freeway and was traveling a steady 10km/h above the speed limit with no one else on the road when bam a siren went off!!!

Sorry Mr Police Officer

Now its not what you think that siren was not the ensuing police car or speed camera going off in a carefully setup speed trap! This was my new radar detecting piece of kit warning me about an imminent speed fine.

Less than a few hundred metres away lied a static state trooper car hidden in the underpass waiting for unsuspecting speeding motorists, ie me. Now count me lucky but this early warning radar detection from my escort passport 9500ix saved my bacon and has swiftly become the best present anyone has bought me. I had told my wife about this piece of kit some months previously and to my amazement my better half had done a bit of research online, which had led her to read a few positive reviews on Amazon and took the plunge and bought me this radar detection unit.

Birthday Present on my Radar

escortradarpassport9500It also helped my best friend owned one of these so I know and my wife also knew that he never shut up about it. I have to say since this device has been setup in my car I have the confidence to drive again. There’s nothing more demoralizing that being hit for a ticket to make up your local police forces monthly targets. I had been guilty in the past for a few speeding fines two punished and one let off so I see myself as a prime candidate for being an owner of the new Passport 9500ix. Its not the cheapest on the market at over 400 dollars but this unit has saved me this already and its only 3 months old.

Escort Buying Summary

Now there are plenty of other radar detectors on the market and Escort / Passport make other models so please do your own research for whats good for you and your budget, but cheaper radar models can have poor sensitivity and use cheaper components. This generally leads to cost savings and an overall cheaper price but you will be buying an inferior product. If you want to dig deeper and read some impartial reviews to see for yourself try these Amazon Passport 9500ix reviews or catch up on the radar detector techy details over at wiki


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Car Advice

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by admin on October 23, 2012

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Car Makers Regulators

In an era when regulatory creep and the recession increasingly hamstring car makers’ abilities to cater to enthusiasts, I respect that they must do whatever they can to survive.

With many manufacturers fielding compelling offerings in some segments but duds in others, collaboration to optimize consumer choice initially seems like a good thing. However, when all is said and done,there is something to be said for finding the strength to stand on one’s own two feet. A full review can be read here

Twenty years from now when the separate Subaru and Toyota enthusiast camps look back on the BRZ/FR-S, it is difficult to think that either group will feel the level of satisfaction that it could have felt had its preferred automaker undertaken the task of rolling out a new, affordable rear-wheel drive platform on its own in this difficult climate. If these partnerships are absolutely essential to attaining the mass market segment margins necessary to build the good stuff, then so be it. But for the good stuff to actually be good stuff, it needs the purity that only independence can provide.

SUVs heavy or rubbish?

Weighing In Show some respect. I’m really disappointed at the choice of words you have used to describe the high performance SUVs in your intro of the comparison test “Heavenly Heathens!”.

Not every performance car has to be a direct copy of a Chevrolet Corvette or a BMW 3-series. I’ve experienced a few red-hot SUVs myself and I can tell you there’s just something unique about a vehicle like that being able to deliver amazing performance numbers. It’s called fun, not to mention the priceless confusion of so many drivers who underestimate the acceleration capabilities of such SUVs out on the road.Oh, and when you’re done with all the fun,you can load them up to the gills and take the entire family on a camping trip, or just tear through 10 inches of snow on your way to work in the morning. Try that in a Camaro or an M5 and then let me know how it went.

Rubber Rankings

I just completed reading the August 2012 tire test called “Monsters of Grip.” My tire dealer outfitted my 2005 Infiniti G35 6MT with Michelin Pilot Super Sports several months ago. I can fully attest to your results—this tire is unreal. I recently spent a weekend on the roads in the north west Georgia mountains. I certainly have more tire than car, but it was enjoyable to surprise more than one elitist BMW owner during our outing. If Michelin only made this tire in a 16-inch size for my 1980 Porsche 911 SC!

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